18 years ago I travelled to Northern QLD, Australia. I had just seen a psychic who recommended that I follow the call I had to travel north. The journey was incredible and eventuated in a sequence of beautiful synchronicities, wherever I went I just seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

This painting I created was to honour that process of following the flow. Each and every waterfall has its own flow. In-fact water simply does nothing but flow. Bruce Lee speaks of the need to be like water, how it is shapeless and formless. He points to how if we are to be like that, we can become boundless.

I recall working on this painting, enjoying the process it took building it up as I travelled even though it was an oil painting I found a way to keep it without damaging the artwork as I moved around.

I loved how I just found a way to make it work and connect with what I loved, dropping into the flow. In a sense I became like water, letting go of boundaries and limitations loved and became inspired by the experience of creativity.

What’s possible for you I wonder when you turn up to create your vision and your passion in life?

What happens when you let go and trust the flow?

When you listen to the calling from beyond your fears and doubts and awaken to the possibilities that are calling to you?

Jhana is a published author and illustrator. He draws on ancient wisdom and dreaming that reveal the bridge between consciousness and creativity. Discoveries of the healing capacities carried in painting, yoga, massage, meditation and art therapy inform his practise. He has taught, mentored and exhibited in India, America, Germany and Australia over the past 20 years. His writings have been published in newspapers, magazines and books across California, Byron Bay, Tweed heads and Brisbane.