Unequivocal Acceptance

(5 minute read) Over the past weeks I have been grateful to be doing some deep work. In all honesty without bragging, I have to admit that it’s been a gradual process over a lifetime of turning up to return, time and again, to the path of evolution. Dismantling...

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Intuition 18 years ago I travelled to Northern QLD, Australia. I had just seen a psychic who recommended that I follow the call I had to travel north. The journey was incredible and eventuated in a sequence of beautiful synchronicities, wherever I went I just seemed...

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Deep Listening

At times, I catch myself and find I’ve missed precious moments of life. Noticing this is a great step. It proves pivotal in getting to questions that support a shift. What’s really going on? Is it possible I’ve shutdown somewhere? Then begins the process of deep...

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