‘Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you’ve made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly, your wholeness when you feel broken and your innocence when you feel guilty.’ – African Saying

The other morning I allowed myself the opportunity to be creative, to express my heart in song. Often I am utterly scared of setting my voice free. To sing to my hearts content. I recall thinking how the neighbours have been doing construction work for weeks on end and how if my voice was going to sound bad it wouldn’t be any worse than the screeching of the construction tools.

But that wasn’t what inspired me to drop my stories about not being good enough or fears of being told to shut up. I think this must have happened at some point in time as a child because it takes a while for my voice to open up and for me to feel comfortable to sing.

What inspired me most was the pure joy of creating. What inspired me was the beauty of exhilaration I experienced when I abandoned the silly limiting beliefs that served neither me or anyone else.

I had collected pieces of music that inspire me and printed them on paper and put them in a folder. Whilst they were songs that I thought were hard, I gave myself freedom to enjoy my hearts aliveness as I sang them, caring less about perfection and focussing more on the aliveness I felt in singing.

I have always found that aliveness is a key indicator to be attentive to. It is what tells me I am headed in the right direction. It tells me that the universe is giving me the green light, the resonant thumbs up. 

But that primordial fear, that beastly illusion that tells me I have to get to the other side seems to gnaw away at the image of perfection that it wants me to attain. This mind created fear masks itself as being the real self and if I give it energy then I separate myself from the aliveness that connects me to all of the Universe.. 

The biggest breakthroughs I have found are in allowing fun and inspiration to tap me in and uncover a limitless energy. It’s what enables me to play and boldly step through into cultivating discipline whilst employing my intellect but not being restrained by it.

When free radical creative aspects required to accomodate inspiration and play are engaged productivity can be boosted.  Especially when linked with structure.