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Unequivocal Acceptance

(5 minute read) Over the past weeks I have been grateful to be doing some deep work. In all honesty without bragging, I have to admit that it’s been a gradual process over a lifetime of turning up to return, time and again, to the path of evolution. Dismantling...

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Intuition 18 years ago I travelled to Northern QLD, Australia. I had just seen a psychic who recommended that I follow the call I had to travel north. The journey was incredible and eventuated in a sequence of beautiful synchronicities, wherever I went I just seemed...

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Deep Listening

At times, I catch myself and find I’ve missed precious moments of life. Noticing this is a great step. It proves pivotal in getting to questions that support a shift. What’s really going on? Is it possible I’ve shutdown somewhere? Then begins the process of deep...

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Creative Prowess

When free radical creative aspects required to accomodate inspiration and play are engaged productivity can be boosted.  Especially when linked with structure. 

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Meeting Life Fully

You see, it is not control and resistance that brings us the fruits of life, it is inner surrender to what is that does so. It is about allowing and opening to life that welcomes in the new. If a seeking to control what is felt is occurring, if a seeking to manipulate and coerce life so that one can force one’s own agenda, it’s because life isn’t being trusted. At these times things have a funny way of reflecting back the same lack of trust.

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The New Paradigm

When the majority of the world is operating within the paradigm of fear and scarcity, it is a conscious choice that one makes to operate in new and inspiring ways. One that is dynamic and affirming of life. This new paradigm may appear to move against the current of...

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Harnessing Sexual Energy for Creativity

Can creative genius within each and every one of us be amplified? I believe so. Feeling closely into the energy of sexuality I have found that it is intimately associated with inspiration which fires the spark of creativity. Though subtle the links between sexuality...

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Embracing the Collective Unconscious

“Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.” - Author Unknown It’s amazing to see in current political situations globally that lives seem to matter less when financial concerns get in the way of humanitarian rights. Take for instance...

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Presence is Inclusive

Being in service in the world comes naturally as a byproduct of growth and evolution. Inevitably in the process there is an intermittent forgetting, a stumbling and the encountering of mistakes which are poignant and cathartic parts of the journey. 

Whilst there is nothing wrong with aiming for excellence, ease and grace only arrives as every aspect that comes with being human is deeply and intimately met. Honouring every step of the human journey is an inclusive experience. For it is the nature of the entire universe and space to include rather than to exclude all that rests inside of existence.

Potential lies not in the future vaguely out of reach but remains ever creative in the present. It is in this moment and an undying embrace awakens pure unbridled power. Whatever this moment carries, it’s depth and breadth lies in attentiveness as key factors in awakening one’s capacities in work, business, artistic creations and what underpins almost everything in life; relationships. 

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Engaging the Truth

In the journey of human evolution some areas in life often serve to act as triggers. These can often threaten a sense of self. Sometimes, the smallest issue causes a forgetfulness of truth. 

Each person has their own particular areas of strength and weakness. There is never anything wrong with personal triggers, nor in experiencing pain. These actually serve as catalysts for growth, confirming the presence of life and an opportunity to engage sensitivity with presence.

It is always important though, to watch that we don’t lose self to story. ‘I am no good,’ ‘This always happens to me,’ ‘I am hopeless,’ ‘I’ll never be successful,’ are examples of possible stories. To not catch reactions, triggers and stories for what they are can be a recipe for unnecessary pain.  When old patterns creep in, the greatest shift out of self defeating attitudes is the readiness to work with everything.

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