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Art as a Gateway to Presence

When an artist discovers his or her creative voice, an opening arrives borne from a quiet place of stillness. When there is a deep listening taking place, inspiration builds. In much the same way as when Isaac Newton lay down under an apple tree, he rested and...

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One of the biggest shifts I’ve witnessed is finding a sense of resilience in relating with others with a negative mindset. It can be challenging, particularly for empaths and introverts to not take on another persons energy. I’ve often become triggered into pessimism especially when I would shut myself down because I was in defence to what they were doing and how they were being. More and more I am able to maintain my flow, to let people be themselves without judgement and tune in to what really matters. This engenders a sense of trust, presence and a cultivation of openness.

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Rainbow Turtle, Golden Dolphin Almost Complete

Wow what a journey, all the artwork for the illustrated book  Rainbow Turtle, Golden Dolphin was just finished last weekend. Incredible! It’s been 3 years in the making and now it’s nearing completion.

This image on the left is from the last few final pages.

It represents a shift into a new way of living here on earth. The military can be seen discarding no longer needed weaponry and dismantling bombs that no longer serve a purpose.

Birds are flying out of the a bank building with the word economy written upon it, the door is a safe that is open. Symbolically representing a freed economy. An elephant is running free from a city zoo and all the people are migrating away from the city to return to live in nature. The hungry are fed and the poor are being given money.
People are now finding powerful ways to connect to the land and to themselves.

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Seeing Challenge as an Opportunity

Staying present in the journey remains paramount. There is nothing more valuable than persistence. Persistence of-course with flexibility. Without the two, I doubt the book would be coming to completion in the way that it is. 

Still anxiety visits. Thoughts about what’s next. The mind comes in and wants to know all the things to feel secure, to iron out any reasons for insecurity. Yet, there is only what can be taken care of in the present that supports a shift.

Anxiety arrives when I am not able to rest in the present. When my attention drifts into the future and wonders what may go wrong. Always, things flow when I let go and allow what serves to take place. 

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Love, Fear and Trust

There have been so many times when I had no idea of the outcome, no idea if what I wanted would happen or not, no guarantee that I would achieve and succeed in my dreams. It was then at that time that my beloved prompted me to trust. It was her that would encourage me to step outside my fears and drive out the demons of my pessimism born from my past disappointments. It was her who knocked on the doors of my heart to find the little child within weeping, curled up in foetal position, it was her that entered softly, gently, to tell him, “you are completely loved.” 

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Embodying the Full Spectrum

An epiphany opened up as I realised that, contrary to my fears, I am not reduced or lessened when those I love in my life are no longer in my life or their love is withdrawn. As these changes appear and I am without the company of loved ones, it is my identity that feels threatened, but this is not who I really am.

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This artwork is about the resonance of what we desire. So often, we don't really feel we deserve what we want. We sidestep what we want because we feel we need to earn it, to work hard before we can actually receive all that we desire. This painting was born out of...

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Balanced World

In nature the birds, bees and butterflies never second guess themselves, there is no doubt about any decisions made. The bee moves gracefully from flower to flower. The butterfly’s flies fluidly. Never doubting for a  moment what it will do next. The bird takes off the branch never questioning; “Will there be enough food today? Maybe I should just stay here where it’s safe or I might just be sorry I ever flew so high and became so daring.” 

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Subtleties of Life

Often times the subtleties are not directly perceivable. The truth requires us to drop beyond the stories the mind tells. How often does one thought after another follow? Where we chase around ideas and concepts only to find precious minutes, hours, days, weeks even...

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Alchemical Transformation

Marianne Williamson writes “It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”
When the calling stirs from deep inside, an alchemical transformation is occurring. Where base metals are being turned into gold. Where the lotus arises out of the proverbial mud of our soul. Where the compost of our very lives becomes pertinent fuel for complete evolution. I

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