Being in service in the world comes naturally as a byproduct of growth and evolution. Inevitably in the process there is an intermittent forgetting, a stumbling and the encountering of mistakes which are poignant and cathartic parts of the journey.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with aiming for excellence, ease and grace only arrives as every aspect that comes with being human is deeply and intimately met. Honouring every step of the human journey is an inclusive experience. For it is the nature of the entire universe and space to include rather than to exclude all that rests inside of existence.

Potential lies not in the future vaguely out of reach but remains ever creative in the present. It is in this moment and an undying embrace awakens pure unbridled power. Whatever this moment carries, it’s depth and breadth lies in attentiveness as key factors in awakening one’s capacities in work, business, artistic creations and what underpins almost everything in life; relationships.

The depth and degree to which an individual is capable of meeting oneself is parallel to the same depth and degree to which that individual will meet others. This depth will be an indicator of the quality of life felt across all relationships. Initially, this depth may appear shallow and lacking in substance. In observation of modern society it is common practise that depth and substance are substituted by superficiality. For all that glitters is not gold.

In art, art that spans across the rigours of time, what is notable are works that connect with the psyche. They impact us deeply not so much because they simply beautify the space but because they invoke our deepest presence. These artworks call forth who we really are. Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Michelangelo forged forward as emissaries of consciousness in their works to unveil the deepest truths of being. It is primarily art that communes with the Divine that transcends time. It shows us that which is immortal. Whilst the fabric of existence is touched by our own consciousness so too does our consciousness touch everything. When each act is embraced accordingly, in reverence, in a delightful communion with all that is, we encounter art as a way of life. Our breath as a brushstroke. Our movement as the paint touching the canvas of life. Our stillness as a dreaming and visioning.

The Power the Moves From Within
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Jhana is a published author and illustrator. He draws on ancient wisdom and dreaming that reveal the bridge between consciousness and creativity. Discoveries of the healing capacities carried in painting, yoga, massage, meditation and art therapy inform his practise. He has taught, mentored and exhibited in India, America, Germany and Australia over the past 20 years. His writings have been published in newspapers, magazines and books across California, Byron Bay, Tweed heads and Brisbane.