2 Hour Ceremonial Lomi Lomi Massage


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A ceremonial Lomi Lomi Massage is far more than a massage. Its a rite of passage. It is an effective gateway into a fuller more embodied way of living. By receiving Lomi Lomi, you can learn about receptivity and assertiveness. You can attune to the breath and also be breathed by life.


Hawaiian priests have practised Lomi Lomi for thousands of years honouring transitions in life and welcomed all that is Divine in us.


Gifting ourselves the experience of self care and by nourishing our sacred vessel, the only body we have which houses the mind, emotions and spirit, we are effectively amplifying our life purpose. That which we are here for. Our service to the world. Soothing, relaxing and detoxifying the body positively impacts every area of life building a potent sense of resilience. This is done be resetting and clearing the unresolved baggage most people carry from the past. Often times this is held in as trauma which can be beautifully transcended on the table. In the tradition of Lomi Lomi, the table is referred to as an altar principally because of the powerful changes that occur in people as a result of the practitioners capacity to be in service to the client’s transformation.




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