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Dimensions: (W) 40cm X (H) 120cm X (W) 4cm
Weight: 2.37 Kg
Oil on Canvas
Stretched & ready to hang

Cosm-Gasm is about the nature of the Divine Feminine and her ability to allow herself to enter into her sensuality. The depth of the feminine is able to open and receive all the gifts of life when she is able to surrender. When she is able to drop into the full depth of what it means to be a woman. This means that when she embodies her sexuality she softens, she becomes a antenna for the abundance the world has to offer her. The feminine exists inside all of us, the capacity to receive is bestowed upon us when we soften and allow life.
Before this painting was created I received a vision in which I saw this figure connecting with herself, she was sensual, alive and celebrating her sexuality, she was pleasuring herself without shame nor guilt, no doubt about what she was doing. There was a sacredness to the vision. Her hand closest to me stretched out and inside was amethyst crystal. This painting was born from that vision.

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Weight 2.37 kg


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