Life as a Gallery, Consciousness as Creator

Life as a Gallery, Consciousness as Creator

I was jogging today and it was interesting to observe something that came to me. At times there are thoughts that arrive like words on a page. I’m not sure if you have that, most people do. then there are times when something that comes through as though from a source that seems of infinite intelligence. Beyond the mind it seems. I heard a voice that seemed to come from this space. It said ‘gallery’.
My interpretation of this was that as I looked at the world it was though I was becoming conscious of a gallery. Everything was like a piece of art, even my experiences. An observation. It felt as though my consciousness was the creator of these experiences.
A shift occurred in that I was no longer resisting the world around and within.


Sex, Creativity and Living Powerfully

Sex, Creativity and Living Powerfully

Some people avoid the topic of sex and sexuality as a way to maintain a sense of social etiquette. What benefit is there in avoiding a part of life that created every single species on earth and without which our presence would never have occurred?

Sex and sexuality are undoubtedly powerful factors in determining effective and passionate living in a world where our complete participation impacts more than our marginal engagement. Take for instance the previous Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger who apparently resigned from his position around sex claims made against him (check this website for the story). What were the underlying precursors for a person elected by the people to represent a spiritual direction and then resign from a position due to sex and sexuality?

Whatever the issue amongst humans (I say humans because animals don’t have hang ups around sexuality) we have created an atmosphere where we have chosen sexual repression over sexual empowerment. If sexual repression were not a naturally dominant trait within the collective human psyche I doubt that pornography would have such an active presence on the internet.

What is it in the human condition that attempts to suppress how humans feel sensually and wether we choose to express the reality of our sexual selves? Is it possible that judgments and past conditioning get in the way of what is and isn’t appropriate sexual behaviour?

I believe that as we harness our sexual energy coursing through the body in a constructive and positively affirming way we can feel inspired and enlivened. Rather than doubting and questioning the sensations of arousal and suppressing the energy, we can constructively acknowledge it’s existence and the sensations. Welcoming the feelings home, within the body. We can be at ease with the presence of sensuality.

The idea of wrong or right is determined usually by our beliefs and the culture in which we live. Our choices and preferences in sex will reflect in our body language and will create a response in our lover. What defines the quality of our sexual experiences can be measured by our presence.

So what is healthy and constructive in sex and sexuality? Do we want to be uncomfortable around sexuality or empowered?

In my experience when I give up shame and guilt around sex and sexuality, I recognise they are an organic part of life and release any unnecessary associated stories about sex.

Underlying the discomfort that some people carry around sex and sexuality is often connected to fear. Which if, instead, it was replaced with non-judgmental acceptance, we would have an entirely different perspective. From that space we could accept completely the sensual experience of living within our bodies and relate to others comfortably and effectively.

Harnessing sexual power constructively is a field that some people have either begun to harness, are harnessing or are about to harness.

Some people report that through harnessing sexual energy- either through the practise of tantra or sexual kung-fu – they have begun to respond to life in a way where their energy levels have exceeded beyond the levels they had previously imagined possible. Creative prowess is expanded beyond imagination. Healing capacities become heightened as well as the capacity for inspired effective activity.

So what is happening whilst harnessing sexual energy? What are Tantra , Taoist sexual practises and kama sutra really all about? It’s possible that harnessing sexual energy is about activating constructive passion, an energy that moves through all living things. According to the theory of William Reich there is an energy that moves through all living things known as Orgone Energy (derived from the word orgasm). This according to the Wikipedia is “a form of life-energy at work within living organisms, expressing itself as emotion and sexuality, but also directly observable in the microscope as a bluish-glowing field around living blood cells and other substances.”

So if sex and sexuality carries such potent energy would we not benefit in harnessing this energy within ourselves in a constructive and empowering way? Perhaps that is why practises were developed so that these energies that played a vital role in life could be put to use in a helpful ways. Maybe that’s where the term making love comes from.

When it comes to creativity most people report that sex and creativity are synchronous. I believe that harnessing the power of sexuality and tapping into it’s energy and using it productively and effectively creates healthy relationships.

So how do we bring a healthy sense of sensuality into our life so that we are both productive and creative? I feel this begins with acknowledging our sensations in our bodies first. By beginning with what each and every sensation we feel as physical beings, whatever these are. And responding to them in a way that is conscious. Making decisions that are educated and inspired rather than automated and unconscious.


Jhana is a published author and illustrator. He draws on ancient wisdom and dreaming that reveal the bridge between consciousness and creativity. Discoveries of the healing capacities carried in painting, yoga, massage, meditation and art therapy inform his practise. He has taught, mentored and exhibited in India, America, Germany and Australia over the past 20 years.
From Struggle to Grace

From Struggle to Grace

There are two different ways of living our lives. In struggle or in grace. Ever felt the difference? I have.

I was in the state of struggle not too long ago where I was simply trying to be someone else, trying to get something out of life and felt unsatisfied. It’s a normal state of living for so many people in the western world.

It’s almost synonymous with the consumer culture we see all around us. When it’s applied (often unconsciously) to creativity it infects it with a sense of wanting to be elsewhere other than where we already are. Which is debilitating for inspiration and our true life purpose.  (more…)

Kirra Hill Art Bridge Exhibition

The amazing students from Kirra Hill Art Group, hosted by OnTrack are having a show to celebrate everything they have done. As the group has come to a close. Exhibition will be on Kirra Hill as of 9.30 am, Monday 15th of April to 5pm Sunday 25th of April.

Infinite Human Potential

Infinite Human Potential

Yesterday I wrote about Creativity and about enlivening our world through doing things a little different from how we normally do things and how that inspires life.

Today I’ll take this topic a little closer to the heart. I believe that what this topic is about is something that all souls who have ever dreamed of discovering what we are all fully capable of must resolve at some point in time. I have a premonition that every saint and master that has ever lived, lives and will live, has to deal with this issue.

What I am talking about is inner conflict. The doubting of self. We struggle between what we feel we are or should be and what we feel we are not or should not be. I believe that ending this conflict is the gateway to lasting peace.

Here I will elaborate. I decided to draw a sketch of something that caught my eye. I have an image of an Angel that I found on a journey to Hawaii. I had attended an art retreat there and on that trip I found this Angel on a card. I heard that the image I found was of a real woman who dresses up as an Angel. I was surprised and curious at the same time. I never met the woman.

I was laying down watching a movie that wasn’t entirely engaging me. I glanced at the image of the Angel and suddenly I decided to do a sketch. Inspiration struck and I acted. I let the movie run its course as I began to sketch. Throughout the process I became more and more driven by the joy of the process and less dictated by thoughts of limitation or tension that ensue when attachment to outcomes weigh heavily. This is what can cause limitation in any activity, where doubt, ideas of lack in self worth and the sort can impede success.

As I drew the image it dawned on me that of all my dreams, of all my possibilities for awakening my infinite human potential it has never been up to someone else to give me the permission to realise them nor need I deny myself or anyone else of the opportunity to fulfil them.

I imagined the Buddha just prior to fully realising enlightenment and how his ego would have rose up against him to do the same thing, threatening him, attempting to discourage him from fully embodying his potential.

Somehow creating the sketch was shifting my old negative thought patterns, beliefs I had held for years about my possibilities as a human being and what I could and couldn’t achieve. I began to wonder how perhaps I was the one limiting myself and how it isn’t really all the people that have not liked me that has stopped me from doing what I would really like to do or share but it has only been my doubts and fears.

Something began to shift physically. The act of letting the fears be there but engaging a force that trusted the process and allowed the creation of the sketch empowered me to be more effective and create something that surpassed my ordinary capacity.

From that space of trust, not doubt we are enabled to act on our visions and dreams. The possibility of believing in ourselves and our unlimited human potential is real.

It’s the little things, those points of departure where we begin with a small step that make a difference. Each little bit goes a long way. Like when we’re in the kitchen and the dishes pile up progressively and without acting on them as they happen you eventually have a huge pile to celebrate, unless of course you don’t like doing dishes! Funnily enough the act of appreciating each step and resting in those steps empowers us to acknowledge without a doubt that even the dishes are a part of the journey to actualising our infinite human potential and are not actually  an obstacle at all. It’s precisely this that links the elements of creativity with our Creator, that same force that creates all of Creation.

Once we are in that space, there is truly no such things as things going wrong. We choose the journey on the subtlest of levels. We are creating by way of virtue with our own beliefs. Wether we are conscious of them or not.

We are simply far more powerful than we may yet be conscious of. For if we were aware of that, than we would never doubt it in the first place.

Jhana is a published author and illustrator. He draws on ancient wisdom and dreaming that reveal the bridge between consciousness and creativity. Discoveries of the healing capacities carried in painting, yoga, massage, meditation and art therapy inform his practise. He has taught, mentored and exhibited in India, America, Germany and Australia over the past 20 years.