Ascension, Original







Turtles carry deep spiritual significance in many cultures. In Hawaii the word for turtle, Honu, is the same word for Earth. I’ve found ease and grace in painting them and their beauty. Many a time I have found them swimming close to me in both the physical and etheric worlds.

This painting called Ascension signifies meeting the ocean of life. Arising from the depths Turtle finds the light that is ever present, whilst there are ups and downs, turtle moves gracefully and has done so since prehistoric times. Turtle shares great ancestry with the age of the dinosaurs and reminds us about longevity.

Turtle says be aware, be in the body and breathe. This is terrific medicine in an age common where stress, tension and competitiveness cause unnecessary problems.

Turtle wisdom is gained from arriving home within one’s body and honouring this precious gift called life.

by Jhana Bowen
$259 (includes postage in AUS)
Oil on canvas (stretched ready to hang)
top right section has full bodied paint texture


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