When the majority of the world is operating within the paradigm of fear and scarcity, it is a conscious choice that one makes to operate in new and inspiring ways. One that is dynamic and affirming of life. This new paradigm may appear to move against the current of what most people are accustomed to. Possibly it might feel as though it’s going against common logic, but operating from love is one of the most liberating things you can ever do. It is essentially creative. It is what life wants for each and every being. It is about returning to the simple magic and mystery that supports every single living organism in the entire universe. 

To assume scarcity, limitation and perpetual fear denies life. Life is essentially already supporting each and every individual and all the animals and plants in the world. When we look closely in nature where there is a natural uninterrupted flow, you can observe that nature is celebrating life. 

When you take the time out from the should’s and should not’s and instead act on what gives life true authentic meaning, it is here that freedom, synchronicity and abundance can be found. The magical thing is this, these things have always been available before, it’s just that now you are becoming receptive to the opportunities. The thing is that the tension, fear and resistance that were making the blessings and opportunities difficult to perceive before are now diminishing. 

Creativity is a beautiful part of an incredible world of we all live in. Music, painting, movies, poetry and all the magical things of this world are not limited to only to  professionals alone. This is a world of inclusion. Creativity affirms and supports all life. The moment you are willing to listen and respond to the magic and mystery in all things is the moment you are most alive. When you hear the calling of life and trust it you can and will act on what feels like home in your heart. This is when you are at your most creative.