Reflections of Tahoe, Original


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Oil on Unstretched canvas
98cm (W) X 98cm (H) 4cm (D)
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This artwork is about the resonance of what we desire. So often, we don’t really feel we deserve what we want. We sidestep what we want because we feel we need to earn it, to work hard before we can actually receive all that we desire. This painting was born out of love, loving what is, celebrating life just the way it is, it’s about turning up and enjoying what is there and making the most out of what we are given. Sure there are challenges, limitations and pain, but what do we make of it? What do we give our attention to?

When we give ourselves to what we truly are inspired by, we are no longer forcing life or ourselves into slavery before we earn what we want. Instead we are cleansed by the waters of life’s that run through all things. There are large bodies of water all over the world where many of us are drawn. In these places we become cleansed in spirit, body and mind. It’s as though our soul is fortified.

Life is like water in the way that it flows. every moment new and fresh. If like water we flow with the momentum we are cleansed. Renewed and replenished. The past dissolves and the present evolves.

When we witness life without forcing it, we stay open, receptive and are cleansed by the waters that still our mind. Still our hearts.

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Dimensions 91.4 × 91.4 cm


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